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      1. Rapid Detection Kits
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        Rapid Detection Kits

        rapid detection kit is an in-house laboratory test for detecting a broad spectrum of Salmonella serotypes. It uses antigens specific to each type to detect the presence of the bacteria. A positive sample reacts with gold-conjugated capture antibodies and migrates along a test membrane, where an immobilized capture antibody forms a red line. The entire test takes 20 minutes, and the test results are available immediately. The testing kit is compatible with many types of water and can be stored at room temperature.

        The ZstatFlu influenza rapid detection kit is based on the reaction of chromogenic substrate with the viral neuraminidase. If a specimen is infected with the influenza type A or B virus, the test will cleave the chromogenic substrate and produce a blue-colored product. The test has been evaluated by using isolated and prototype viruses, and it was found to be a reliable, highly sensitive and specific diagnostic test. In addition, the kit was compared to cell culture.

        The COVID-19 rapid detection kit detects antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, a serious respiratory syndrome that can cause kidney failure and pneumonia. In case of untreated infection, SARS-CoV-2 can lead to death. The virus can be transmitted through saliva, sneezing and air droplets. The COVID-19 rapid test kit can help doctors diagnose this deadly disease early, allowing them to take action before the virus spreads.

        The COVID-19 antigen rapid detection kit is a new test for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. It detects the virus' DNA, proteins and immune response. The rapid test can be used at the point of care or in clinical laboratories. Similarly, the ZstatFlu test for influenza is an in-office diagnostic tool. However, the cost of these tests is higher than the cost of laboratory diagnostics.

        The COVID-19 rapid detection kit is a COVID-19-infected person's neuraminidase-containing antibodies. This is an important diagnosis as SARS can lead to severe respiratory syndrome and kidney failure. Infected individuals with this virus should seek medical attention immediately. They can spread it to others by sneezing and coughing. Infections with this virus can be life-threatening and can result in fatalities.

        Rapid detection kits can be obtained at select locations. They are available while supplies last. The availability of these kits is subject to supply. The rapid test kit is available only to individuals with a valid health care number. The recipient must have their health care card and name to use the kit. Children cannot use a rapid testing kit at home. They must be examined by a physician. This procedure is accurate and fast. The results will help doctors make the correct diagnosis.

        The HY-RiSE(r) is a rapid test for detecting organic impurities in the body. It requires no analytical instrument and is a convenient, cost-effective, and quick method for detecting nitrate-containing substances. The HI-RiSE(r) has a high sensitivity level and is recommended for both laboratory and point-of-care settings. It is a useful tool for diagnosing a variety of illnesses.

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