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      1. The Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit Whitelist
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        The Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit Whitelist

        The rapid diagnostic test (RDT) is a point-of-care medical diagnostic device. The test is cheap, easy to use, and accurate. It is also highly stable, especially when stored at room temperature. Furthermore, it can be used without a reference laboratory. These advantages make the rapid diagnostic test an attractive option for developing countries, where resources are scarce. Moreover, these tests are quick and easy to perform.

        Among these, the COVID-I9 is used when a patient presents with symptoms that are similar to COVID-I9. The symptoms include cough, fever, and sore throat. Other symptoms of the disease include loss of smell, taste, or shortness of breath. The VIRUS-19 detection kit also helps determine whether a patient is suffering from the bacterial infection or a viral infection. This test may not indicate the cause of a disease, but can aid in identifying the cause.

        Bestnovo is a national brand enterprise and adheres to scientific and technological innovation to protect the health of the general public. Its headquarters is in Beijing, where the company's laboratory and R&D facilities are equipped with GMP standards. The laboratory's three in vitro diagnostic reagent production lines produce more than 250 million tests annually. The company developed the novel 19 virus nucleic acid detection fluorescent RT-PCR assay.

        Another rapid diagnostic test kit, the VIRUS-19 detection kit, is used to qualitatively identify the presence of antigens in nasal swab samples. Although VIRUS-19 detection is sensitive, it is not a definitive diagnosis of a disease and is not recommended. In many cases, it is necessary to confirm that a patient has the disease by a medical practitioner. A positive result does not rule out the possibility of other causes, and the diagnosis is not confirmed.

        The rapid diagnostic test kit whitelist contains the name of the company and product. It also contains the number of antigens that the RDT kit detects. There are two types of RDT: lateral flow tests and flow-through tests. Both require a sample of body fluid, which is then mixed with a special substance to create a chemical reaction. Its results are reported quickly and accurately, which means they are convenient to use.

        The rapid diagnostic test kit whitelist should be checked carefully to ensure that it contains reputable and certified test kits. For example, a certified Rapid Diagnosis Test Kit (RDK) should be on the whitelist of tested rapid tests. These tests can help identify the cause of an illness, such as a viral infection. The CDC recommends that all patients undergo the same type of blood sample tests for a variety of conditions.

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